His Power At Work

These six Scripture-based sessions will continue to explore the concepts of His Power At Work and will enable you to set goals, dream, and share God's vision for your business for greater Kingdom impact, greater joy, peace and satisfaction in your labor, and yes, I believe, greater income and resources, as well.

Sessions will cover lead generation/client acquisition, time priorities, the use of technology, branding, customer service, cash flow, and more.

What you'll get:

  • Pre-Session Guides for each of the six sessions
  • Six Sessions full of accountability, discussion of ideas, development of strategies, and encouragement
  • Collaboration and Community with other Christ followers in business 
  • Bonus session 
  • One-on-One session (if desired)
  • Save $46 with one-time payment



(Disclaimer: Results will vary based on your personal commitment and activity, and are in no way explicitly guaranteed.)

$149.00 USD