The Basics

apostle paul attitude basics entrepreneurship people skills success teachable work ethic Oct 24, 2023

A wonderful friend of mine shared with me yesterday that she's landed a new job! It's been a goal of hers for a while, and she was so excited. I am familiar with the company that she's joining, and I offered her some advice based on what.I know about the company and the people who not only succeed there but also advance.

"It's simple, really," I said to her. "Just do the basics really well." The basics? you ask.

Not just in the company my friend is going to work for. In life, the basics will serve you well. 

1. Show up! That's it. Just show up. So many in the work force today discount the value of just showing up. I've seen employees and entrepreneurs who decide another day is better, or procrastinate themselves out of a job or career. Showing up is the first and finest thing you can do. You'll never be able to get ahead if you don't show up.

2. Have a great attitude. Moaners and groaners rarely advance. "Can do" is still the standard and beats "not my job" and "can't someone else.." and "I'm too good for that" every. single. time.

3. Be teachable. My son Sam often lamented his lack of academic gifts as compared to his sister who could smell a book and walk away with great knowledge. "I'm not smart like Emily," Sam would say. And I reminded him, attitude trumps knowledge or skill. I'd rather work with someone who is teachable than with someone who thinks they already know enough. His other qualities were...

4. Work Ethic...being a "let's work 'til it's done" kind of person will earn you kudos from the boss and advance your side hustle/entrepreneurial venture. Only working when you feel like it is for amateurs and lay-abouts.

5. People skills. This was Sam's other gift. He knew how to be kind to people, exchange pleasantries, engage in empathetic conversation when appropriate. You wouldn't believe (or perhaps you would) how many employees find it difficult to greet people who walk in their business. A simple "Hello!" and a smile costs them nothing, yet it is in scarce supply in most work places.

Paul wrote to the church at Colossae, "We teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity. To be mature is basic. Christ! No more, no less." (Colossians 1:28b-29 MSG)

The basics are all you need. My friend will do great in her new job!!


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