So Many Books

Dec 05, 2023

Leaders are readers, so I've been told... or is it Readers are Leaders...

Both, actually! One of the blessings of working with a coach, either in group coaching or one-on-one, virtual or in-person, published author or local guide, is the recommendation of books that expand your thinking and refine your processes.

When I worked in direct sales, book recommendations came all the time through mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. If you've never been a person to read non-fiction, perhaps one or more of these book recommendations will change that. All of the books mentioned below have been dramatically influential to me in learning more about myself, improving my life, business, and relationships, and drawing me closer to God either directly or indirectly.

Here's a "Top Ten" list for me right now. (Note, I'm excluding The Bible because it is a given! No other book can so powerfully change you and acquaint you with the God of the Universe who desires a relationship with you!) So, after the Bible, my current (note: current, because I keep reading and finding great books!) TOP TEN:

  • 10.  Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales -- a study of what makes survivors. FASCINATING, and so applicable to trauma, business, life.
  • 9. The Red Sea Rules  and The Jordan River Rules by Robert J. Morgan -- a look at how God makes a way for us in seemingly impossible circumstances.
  • 8. Atomic Habits by James Clear -- THE reference on changing your habits (which changes your destiny!)
  • 7. Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud -- More than simple honesty; it's the key to success.
  • 6. Finish by Jon Acuff -- overcoming perfectionism! Nailed me!!
  • 5. 9 Things You Simply MUST Do by Dr. Henry Cloud -- why some lives really work and others don't
  • 4. Discipline in Destiny by Ryan Holiday -- an exploration of discipline and its impact on your success
  • 3. A tie between The Lord's Prayer for Entrepreneurs by Derek Tye and The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur by Kim Avery -- prayer and business!
  • 2. How to Hear God's Voice by Patrick Meyers -- keys to a conversational relationship with The Lord.

and number one...

  1. Living Fearless  by Jamie Winship -- the secret to being fully alive, fully human, and fully free.

All these books are ones I have read or listened to multiple times because their messages are so transformative. I thank God that He works through the power of the written word—HIS word, first and foremost, and the words of others who create in partnership with Him to share Kingdom perspectives and ways.

What are your top reads? What are you reading today?

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