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In-person or virtually, one-on-one coaching using the GROW model: 

Goal - Reality - Options - Willingness


Group Coaching

Using the F8thful Life Spheres assessment as a guide, we'll walk through designing goals around each section: Faith, Family, Field, Finances, Feelings, Fitness, Friends, and Fun

Executive and Staff Coaching

If you are wanting to elevate your business and improve the quality of your staff, we can design a coaching package that combines one-on-one and group coaching to enable you to scale.

The GROW Methodology

What do you want to achieve? Your goals should include an inspirational end goals and a performance goals that help you reach your desired outcome. As your coach, I help you formulate SMART goals that you can achieve, with visible, trackable progress along the way to keep you motivated and working toward your desired end result.

As your coach, I'll guide you to explore and assess your true starting point for the goals you want to achieve. Acknowledging reality is a key component in your success and in measuring your progress. We'll look at external realities like your environment, influences, and facts about your current position, and internal realities like attitude, personality style, anxieties, and fears. 

Options! In this phase of coaching, we explore what could be holding you back, and then work through opprotunities, options, alternative solutions that enable you to overcome and move forward. You'll discover ideas and new ways of thinking aabout your obstacles and develop resilience and strength to move quickly when difficulties arise in your pursuit of your dream.

In the final phase of the GROW methodology, our attention shifts from possibilities to implementation, to making a decision and developing a concrete action plan.

Once you've decided on a plan, we shift to accountability with a Do/Review process that is designed to enable you to evaluate, to adjust if progress isn't happening as you'd like, to try different approaches to reaching your goals.

"Wow! Just wow, God! Thank you! So much peace and freedom in your words! ... I receive His work He is doing in me! You have been a part of that...I have a teacher I would love to refer to you."

Heather J.
School Administrator

"I want to express to you how much we appreciate you... We have gleaned from your knowledge and truly your servants heart. You are an anointed speaker if you will! Today's is absolutely a great resource for me, a right now word."

Christy P.
Office Staff / Ministry Volunteer