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The Core 4: Identity, Authenticity, Purpose, & Vision

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The Core 4 - Identity, Authenticity, Purpose, & Vision

The  Core 4 are each stand-alone courses, but complement each other if taken together.

Identity - Who  /  Authenticity - How  /  Purpose - Why  /  Vision - What


Because knowing who and Whose you are Changes Everything

Core 4: Identity is groundwork for a Christ-Centered entrepreneur/business woman. This course will walk you through your experiences, heredity, voices and choices, and introduce the Three Filters through which you evaluate and deconstruct these views of you and connect practically with the person God created you to be!

This reframing of View (reframing of YOU!) will create

  • Alignment of thoughts and actions,
  • Personal growth and self-awareness,
  • Improved coping strategies,
  • Stronger decision making skills,
  • More confidence, 
  •  Love for the person in the Mirror 
  • Anti-"imposter syndrome" 
  • Scripture basic for understanding Who and Whose you are 
  •  Practical possibilities of God's work with YOU just as He created you!


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Because Showing Up as Your Best Self Changes Everything

Core 4: Authenticity explores what it means to be true to your deepest values, while also showing up as your best self. For the follower of Jesus, the journey is always marked by the question: "How can I get beyond 'This is who I am and I'm cool with it,' to 'This is who I am, while Christ is transforming me into his image?'" 

Identity explores WHO you are, and Authenticity explores HOW Who and Whose translates into practical REAL YOU application. Authenticity will empower you to  

  • Become your best self ss you overcome barriers to your Authenticity 
  • Align your many life roles with your deepest values
  • Create more harmony in you life and your many life roles
  • Improve how you show up for yourself and others  
  • Connect who you are on the outside with who you are inside 
  • Discover the A-R-T of authenticity
  • Design a plan for who you WANT to be, and
  • Develop the skill of becoming who you were created to be
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Because Knowing Your Why and Applying it to your Life Spheres Changes Everything


Core 4: Purpose explores how your enjoyment and fulfillment in life improve when you are powered by a life-purpose that can apply throughout the different spheres of your life: Faith, Family, Field, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Feelings, and Fun.

Identity explores WHO you are, and Authenticity explores HOW you show up as the real you, and Purpose helps you explore your Why. The Purpose course will give you

  • Clarity about what your purpose is in practical non-whoowoo terms
  • Impactful demonstrations of how purpose changes even the mundane 
  • More fulfillment as you move through The 4 Purpose Quadrants
  • Confidence and Boldness in new arenas or through life changes
  • Spiritual alignment as you bring God glory while living out your purpose


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Because Seeing What's Possible and What You Can Be and Do Changes Everything

Core 4: Vision answers the question, "What do I want my life to look like? Scripture teaches that without a vision, people perish (KJV). Other translations say, "cast of restraint." The picture that creates in my mind is the proverbial "chicken with its head cut off!" 

Identity explores WHO you are, and Authenticity explores HOW Who and Whose translates into practical REAL YOU application. Purpose reveals your WHY, and Vision is a discovery of WHAT. Building on your values, your identity and your primary purposes, you create a set of realities in submission to the God who created you.

The Vision course will empower you to 

  • Control your time and commitments in service to the life you are called to 
  • Improve your quality of life in eight "life spheres"
  • Delight in accountability 
  • Design your life based on your highest and best self
  • Manage risks and embrace change to have the life you want
  • Serve God with integrity based on the vision of life you and He create


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Grieving with FOCUS


Grief can be triggered by any loss—job, position, home, relationship, and certainly, the death of a loved one. My personal experience, the death of my 17 year-old son, and subsequent exploration of all phases of grief informs the coping strategies I teach in this course. After the Grieving with FOCUS course you will 

  • Understand your grief and be able to process it in a more healthy, less-paralyzing way
  • Overcome the Grief Thought Spiral 
  • Unlock natural healing options as you grieve
  • FOCUS on ways to walk through your grief on a day to day basis
  • Be prepared to handle unexpected Grief Ambush


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Anxiety STRONG


Anxiety STRONG teaches 6 practical and Biblical ways to approach Anxiety. With depression and anxiety at all time high rates in our culture, approaching the issue with a spiritual mindset brings a refreshing look at what we can do about it.  This course will equip you to 

  • Get through anxious moments or situations.  
  • Understand the chemistry of Anxiety and why your body responds as it does
  • Recognize triggers and prepare for them
  • Recall scripture and encouragement when Anxiety strikes
  • Cope through difficult seasons with healthy responses



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